Posted on: July 27, 2017

Council Highlights - July 25, 2017

Council Meeting

July 25, 2017


Gellatly Bay Growth Management Designation

Council rescinded second reading and gave second reading as amended to the Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment Bylaw to create OCP policy support for the future vision of Gellatly Bay as identified in the 2017 Gellatly Village Study, presented to Council January 24, 2017. The proposed bylaw would create a new growth management designation for five properties. Amending the OCP to include a Gellatly Village Growth Management Designation will assist in supporting the envisioned future form of development in Gellatly Bay while allowing for flexibility in development applications to respond to community comments and feedback as well as the specific market conditions at the time of (re)development. At its July 11 meeting, Council raised concerns with the proposed bylaw regarding:

  • Multi-residential component - lt was suggested that the bylaw clarify that the multi-residential component should be 'small-scale' in nature, similar to the language of the commercial component.
  • Commercial component - lt was questioned whether or not the commercial component would be required on all three development sites. lt was also suggested that the language surrounding the typical acceptable commercial uses be re-worded for clarity.
  • Potential for vacation rentals - lt was suggested that the bylaw further clarify that vacation rentals will not be permitted as part of a future development at Gellatly Village.
  • Lower densities and building heights - lt was suggested that the bylaw further clarify the preference for lower density buildings (i.e. not high-rise) as part of a future development at Gellatly Village.

ln recognition of these concerns, general wording changes to the bylaw were prepared for Council's consideration. The proposed bylaw amendment will now be scheduled for an upcoming public hearing.

Westbank Centre Rezoning

Council gave third reading to a Zoning Bylaw Amendment for 2563 to 2573 Hebert Road in Westbank Centre to rezone three properties from Single Detached Residential (R1) to Westbank Centre Compact Residential (RC1). The rezoning is intended to facilitate the development of three duplexes, six dwelling units, though other development options exist as permitted in the RC1 zone. The bylaw amendment will be brought to Council for consideration of adoption once the dedication of land, required as the properties front Urban Centre roads, and approval of the bylaw from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, required as the properties are within 800 metres of an access-controlled highway.

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