Gellatly Waterfront Village


The Gellatly Waterfront Village project stems from the Waterfront Plan that Council adopted in 2011. This plan encourages mixed use development, in the Gellatly Bay area, that complements the waterfront, enhances pedestrian activity, promotes economic development and tourism, as well as improves the quality of life for West Kelowna residents. Modus and G.P. Rollo Associates have been retained to complete a market and financial analysis to determine the feasibility of the recommended land uses for Gellatly Village outlined in the Waterfront Plan.
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Community Consultation

The City of West Kelowna sought input on this project during an open house held on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at Westbank Lions Community Hall. Those who were unable to attend the open house, were invited to provide their feedback through an online survey, which closed November 12. Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback.
Project Overview

The consultant's analysis is focused on three of the properties identified for potential redevelopment in the Waterfront Plan. Mixed use development in the form of street-oriented condominiums and commercial/retail uses, buffered parking structures, and apartments is proposed for sites 1 and 3. A small stand-alone commercial use adjacent to Gellatly Road and townhouses are proposed for site 2 (see map below).
Gellatly Waterfront Village Site Map - CWK Image

The consultant's analysis has determined that mixed use development in this area may not be financially viable as of yet. Thus, the implementation of temporary commercial uses is being considered to provide short-term commercial amenities. Such uses may include: food trucks or modular buildings, farmers markets, boat storage, and parking. Best practices for commercial temporary uses in waterfront areas will be reviewed before such measure is implemented.

Further details of the project can be viewed here.