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  1. Bid Opportunities

    Learn more about West Kelowna projects and submit your proposal for current competitions.

  2. Building Permits

    Find the right application for the right construction or installation project.

  3. Business Licences

    Information on business licensing rates, types and applications in the City of West Kelowna.

  4. Carriage Houses

    Zoning, lot size and application information for a secondary home, where permittied, in the City of West Kelowna.

  5. Development, Subdivision or Rezoning

    Find the right application form for your project proposal.

  6. Disabled Parking Pass

    Learn how to apply for a parking pass for a person with disabilities.

  7. Home Owner Grants

    Learn about application requirements, deadlines and other information on this provincial tax credit program.

  8. Jobs

    Apply for West Kelowna's current employment opportunities.

  9. Secondary Suites

    Apply to create a legal rental unit in a West Kelowna home.