Roads and Sidewalks

  1. In The Works

    The City of West Kelowna plans strategically to meet the demands of a rapidly growing community that is simultaneously evolving from its rural roots into an urbanized municipality.

  2. Potholes and Repaving

    Routine summer maintenance on West Kelowna's roads.

  3. Sidewalk Maintenance

    Information regarding snow and ice removal and sidewalk repairs and improvements in West Kelowna.

  4. Street Lights

    Information regarding the maintenance of street lights in West Kelowna.

  5. Street Sweeping

    Information regarding street sweeping protocols and priorities in West Kelowna.

  6. Traffic Calming

    Information regarding West Kelowna's efforts to control speed and improve traffic safety on local streets.

  7. Winter Roads Maintenance

    Information regarding snow removal protocol and road clearing priorities in the City of West Kelowna.