Westbank Centre Revitalization Plan

The Vision

Westbank Centre is the cultural, civic and social heart of West Kelowna. The plan's objectives include expanding the economic base, improving the quality of public and private spaces and preserving, protecting and enhancing the area's urban and agricultural culture and heritage, while creating an exciting place to live, work and play.

The plan includes a detailed implementation strategy - a list of action items -  that highlights bylaw amendments, future policy developments and capital projects.

Development Incentives

In an effort to encourage revitalization in Westbank Centre, Council has reduced Development Cost Charges (DCCs) in the specified area.

It is believed that a DCC reduction will spur growth, prevent stagnation and create vibrancy in Westbank Centre.

Reasons for the DCC reduction include:

  • Current competitive market conditions and high construction costs discourage developers from starting new construction projects;
  • By encouraging new development, West Kelowna achieves its objectives of creating a vibrant urban, commercial core;
  • New businesses benefit the entire municipality by adding to the tax base and creating employment opportunities;
  • Since Westbank Centre already has significant urban infrastructure, development cost charges are not as greatly required to build additional pedestrian, road, sewer and water networks;
  • Creating a compact urban core, with mixed residential, commercial and institutional uses creates a more sustainable community, reducing reliance on the single occupant vehicle and reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and,
  • Incentives for development in Westbank Centre are supported in the Official Community Plan and the Westbank Centre Revitalization Plan, which received extensive public feedback and widespread community support.
To find out more read the January 13, 2015 Report to Council.

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Green Municipal Fund Support

The preparation of this sustainable community plan was carried out with assistance from the Green Municipal Fund, a program financed by the Government of Canada and administered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Notwithstanding this support, the views expressed are the personal views of the authors, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Government of Canada accept no responsibility for them.