Waterfront Plan

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About The Plan

Improved access and community amenities on Okanagan Lake have been identified by both the community and Council as a priority for the District of West Kelowna.

Council indicated the development of a Waterfront Plan was a priority to identify waterfront opportunities such as improved community space, public access, riparian enhancements, recreational opportunities and tourism amenities. The Waterfront Plan provides guidance to staff and Council for future development adjacent to Okanagan Lake.

Past Process

A public open house (3 p.m. to 7 p.m., June 16, 2011 at Royal LePage Place) gave residents the opportunity to view details of the plan and provide input. Review the materials presented at the open house (PDF). Stantec Consulting was the consulting firm hired to start the project from August 24 to November 30, 2010. The completion of the project was awarded to HB Lanarc.

Three initial consultation meetings were held:

  • A Stakeholders' Meeting was conducted on September 23 with approximately 30 people in attendance representing various community groups, land owners, developers, agencies and the Community Consultation Committee (CCC).
  • Two CCC meetings were held, one in November 2010 and one in January 2011.
HB Lanarc then formulated draft goals and objectives to guide the development of the Waterfront Plan and then reviewed the opportunities and constraints identified at the Stakeholders Meeting.

Stakeholders' Breakfast Meeting

On March 2, 2011 a Stakeholders' Breakfast Meeting and a Public Open House were held. These opportunities provided the public a closer look at discussion points and concepts for the waterfront and provided HB Lanarc an important opportunity to test the plan's ideas and direction with the CCC, stakeholders and residents.

As outlined in the proposal developed by HB Lanarc, the development of the Waterfront Plan included the following strategies:

  • Phase 1 – Background Research - Stantec
  • Phase 2 – Options and Preferences - HB Lanarc
    • Synthesize background material as completed by Stantec Consulting
    • Opportunities and Constraints Mapping
    • Consider and coordinate with other pertinent planning documents
    • Develop and Present Principals, Goals and Preferred Concept Options
    • Develop Sustainable Policy framework
    • Provide Market Analysis (high level)
    • Conduct Public Engagement Sessions
    • Further Develop and Present Preferred Concepts Including;
    • Policy and Design Direction  
    • Precedents and Best Practices
    • Provide Road Ends Strategy
    • Provide Dog Park Strategy
    • Presentation to Council, Stakeholders, and the Public
  • Phase 3 – Refine Strategy – HB Lanarc
    • Development of Zoning Recommendations
    • Conceptual Renderings
    • Presentation of Design Guidelines
    • Outside Agency Review (Provincial Ministries, etc)  
    • Revise Plan and Recommendations to ensure the Plan is Implementable
    • Presentation to Council, Stakeholders, and the Public
    • Development and Presentation of the Final Plan to staff, the Public and Council
This plan has been realized through:
  • Extensive stakeholder and public consultation
  • Consultation with the local, provincial and federal government authorities
  • Presentations to Council, staff and Council committees
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