Upper Sunnyside Reservoir Repairs

Geodesic Dome
At the February 12, 2013 meeting, Council awarded a contract in the amount of $348,418 to STT Stanco for repairs to the Sunnyside Upper Reservoir, including the installation of a geodesic dome. Read the February 12, 2013 Council Report (PDF).
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Construction occurred in spring and summer 2013 and was completed in fall 2013.


In 2011, District of West Kelowna staff began exploring options for the aging Upper Sunnyside Reservoir. Possibilities included upgrades to the existing structure or construction of a new reservoir. An assessment of the facility was conducted and concluded that additional water capacity was not needed at the reservoir, reducing the need for a new facility, and that the infrastructure could be affordably and adequately repaired. Repair costs were included in the 2012 Capital Budget and subsequently deferred to 2013.