2013 Road Rehab & Pedestrian Improvement Programs

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Project Partners
On August 27, 2013 Council awarded a contract, in the amount of $1,289,922.86, to Cantex-Okanagan Construction Ltd. for the 2013 Road Rehabilitation and Pedestrian Improvement Program. View the August 27, 2013 Council report (PDF).
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2013 Road Rehabilitation Program
Thank you to ICBC for providing safety related improvements for selected projects under the Road Improvement Program.

The core 2013 Road Rehabilitation Program consisted of (distances are approximate):
  • Gellatly Road South - Cove Resort to Whitworth Road (200m)
  • Shannon Lake Road - Golf Course Drive to 300m south of McDougall Creek Bridge (1 km)
  • Smith Creek Road - Elliott Road to Rubicon Road (200m)
  • Speed cushions on Shannon Ridge Drive and Auburn Road (total cushions - 5)
  • Curb extensions at Shannon Ridge Drive and Shannon Place
  • Stuart Road - Boucherie Road to Thacker Road (725m, plus drainage upgrades
2013 Pedestrian Improvement Program
The 2013 Pedestrian Improvement Program consisted of:
  • Gellatly Road South - sidewalk extension from the Cove Resort to Whitworth Road (150m)
  • Rosewood Drive - sidewalk extension from Rose Abby Drive to Rose Field Drive (100m)
  • Shannon Lake Road - sidewalk extension from 2840 Shannon Lake Road to the Shannon Lake Regional Park parking lot (to Swite Road - 120m)
  • Shannon Way - Woodstock west to existing sidewalk - 250m
  • Stuart Road - asphalt (paved) shoulder from Boucherie Road to Thacker Drive (730m)
  • Whitworth Road - sidewalk extension from Gellatly Road to Gellatly Nut Farm Regional Park (150m)