Road Rehab & Pedestrian Improvement Programs

Program's Purposes
The City of West Kelowna's Road Rehabilitation Program is about more than just patch work and pothole filling. The improvements endeavor to resurface, and in some cases rebuild, aging roads as the young City strives to urbanize its infrastructure.

Over the past 3 years, results of Citizen Surveys have indicated that West Kelowna residents consider road maintenance and improvements to be the most important service needs. Council has consistently indicated that road rehabilitation is one of the City of West Kelowna's top priorities.

Road Selection Process
One of the most challenging tasks for staff can be fairly determining what streets to upgrade each year, given the City of West Kelowna's 220 kilometre long road network.

The municipality must balance the need to improve roads with the limited amount of tax dollars to complete the work. Money is drawn from reserves to complete the task each year. Staff must ensure that reserves are kept at healthy levels so that residents are not faced with steep tax increases to replenish these accounts.

Staff has devised a method to determine what road rehabilitation projects are the highest priorities throughout the City:
  • Roads within areas slated for construction in the Sewer Servicing Strategy
  • 2006 Regional District of Central Okanagan Westside Road Study
  • Comments from the City of West Kelowna's road maintenance contractor
  • Comments from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Complaints from residents
  • Budget constraints