Where the Money Goes

The City of West Kelowna strives to provide high quality, cost effective programs and services to the community, such as: aquatic centre, arenas, community centres, economic development, fire protection, parks and trails, policing, roads maintenance, sanitary sewers, street lights, tourism, waste collection and water.

A balance must be achieved among the demands for services, the costs of providing them, and the ability to pay through taxation and user fees (affordability).
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Expense Chart - CWK Image
The Draft 2017 to 2026 Financial Plan forecasts that the City of West Kelowna's programs and services will cost an estimated $61.35 million in 2017:

  • Protection: Fire and rescue services and RCMP - $14.05 million
  • Environmental health: Sewer, waste collection, water, etc. - $12.3 million
  • Transfers to reserves - $8.0 million
  • Recreation: Arenas, community centres, museum, pool, parks, etc. - $6.8 million
  • Transportation: Snow clearing, street sweeping, transit, etc. - $6.2 million
  • Governance: Council, financial and information services, etc. - $5.85 million
  • Development: business development, planning, tourism, etc. - $3.45 million
  • Debt financing: Principal and interest payments - $3.1 million
  • Library - $1.5 million
  • Cemetery - $100,000

Collections For Other Governments

In 2017, an estimated $21.5 million will be transferred to other governments for charges, programs, projects and services including:

  • BC Assessment Authority
  • Provincial School Tax
  • Regional Dog Control and Licensing Program, including the Dog Pound
  • Regional Hospital District for partial funding of equipment and capital projects including debt to expand Kelowna General Hospital
  • Regional Parks expansion and operations
  • Regional Recycling Program
  • Regional Waste Reduction Office
  • Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant on Gellatly Road
  • Residential Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre on Asquith Road
  • Sterile Insect Release Program