2017TalkBudgetWithCouncil-CWK Image
2017TalkBudgetWithCouncil-CWK Image
2017TalkBudgetWithCouncil-CWK Image

How Does It Impact You?

A 3.0% tax increase is proposed in the draft 2017 Budget. As in past years, the 2017 increase is required to continue to maintain healthy reserve levels, to ensure adequate funding is available to upgrade or replace ageing infrastructure and equipment over the next several years.

If approved by Council, the tax increase will amount to an average of $45 more, for the full year, per City of West Kelowna residential property (based on an assessment of $400,000).

The 2017 to 2026 Financial Plan proposes 3% tax increases annually in order to continue to build municipal reserves and ensure adequate funding is available for infrastructure replacement and upgrades over the long term.

Council held its Talk Budget open house Wednesday, February 15 providing residents and taxpayers with the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments regarding the draft budget:

Take A Look at the Draft 2017 Budget

The 2017 to 2026 Financial Plan is currently in draft form, meaning Council must still deliberate and seek public input on the proposals within the document before eventually adopting it. This provisional plan includes the 2017 Budget (Draft), proposed infrastructure projects for the year ahead and the 2017 to 2026 Capital Plan (Draft) and can be viewed at: