1. Alphabetical Bylaws
  2. Numerical Bylaws
  3. Official Community Plan Bylaw
  4. Zoning Bylaw

Alphabetical Bylaws

  1. Addressing RDCO No. 1185 (PDF)
  2. Advisory Planning Commission Establishment B0098 (PDF)
  3. Animal Control (RDCO) No. 880 (PDF)
  4. Applegreen Court Cameron Road Sewer Establishment B0139 (PDF)
  5. Authorize Closure of Portion of Newport Road B0181 (PDF)
  6. Board of Variance B0056 (PDF)
  7. Building Regulations B0086 (PDF)
  8. Business Licensing and Regulations Bylaw B0087 (PDF)
  9. Bylaw Dispute Adjudication Consolidated B0093 (PDF)
  10. Capital Renewal Reserve Fund B0203
  11. Community Parks Consolidated (RDCO) B1106 (PDF)
  12. Control of Rabbits B0026 (PDF)
  13. Council Procedure B0150 (PDF)
  14. Council Remuneration Bylaw B0175 (PDF)
  15. Delegation of Authority Personnel Responsibilities B0146 (PDF)
  16. Delegation of Authority Tender Approval for the 2010 Sewer Servicing Strategy Program B0105 (PDF)
  17. Delegation of Authority Tender City Hall B0025 (PDF)
  18. Delegation of Council Authority Consolidated B0101 (PDF)
  19. Delegation of Council Executive and Administrative Powers (Consolidated) B0002 (PDF)
  20. Development Applications Procedures B0131 (PDF)
  21. Development Cost Charges Bylaw B0190
  22. Drainage DCC Reserve Fund B0213
  23. Dunbarton Road Sewer Area B0122 (PDF)
  24. Equipment Replacement Reserve Fund B0207
  25. Establish an Inter-Municipal Transportation Services Scheme Consolidated B0155 (PDF)
  26. Establish Capital Reserve Fund B0202
  27. Establish The Officer Positions of the City of West Kelowna B0082 (PDF)
  28. Exempt Certain Lands and Buildings from Taxation B0023 (PDF)
  29. Exempt Certain Lands and Buildings from Taxation B0096 (PDF)
  30. Fees and Charges B0028 (Consolidated)
  31. Financial Plan 2007-2008 B0006 (PDF)
  32. Financial Plan 2008-2012 Amendment B0006.01 (PDF)
  33. Financial Plan 2009-2013 Amendment B0083 (PDF)
  34. Financial Plan 2010-2014 B0104 (PDF)
  35. Financial Plan 2011-2015 B0118 (PDF)
  36. Financial Plan 2012-2021 B0137 (PDF)
  37. Financial Plan 2013-2022 B0152 (PDF)
  38. Financial Plan 2014-2023 B0171 (PDF)
  39. Financial Plan 2015-2024 B0182 (PDF)
  40. Financial Plan 2016-2025 B0195
  41. Financial Plan 2017-2026 B0238
  42. Fire Rescue Establishment B0114 (PDF)
  43. Fire Operations Reserve Fund B0201
  44. FOIPOP B0037 (PDF)
  45. Future Expenditures Reserve Fund B0198
  46. Gas Tax Reserve Fund B0206
  47. Gates Road Sewer Area Phase 6 B0108 (PDF)
  48. General Local Government Election B0017 (PDF)
  49. Glenrosa Phase 4, Webber North McIver Road Sewer Area Project B0135 (PDF)
  50. Good Neighbour (Consolidated) B0071 (PDF)
  51. Heritage Designation Bylaw B0044 (PDF)
  52. Hudson Road Sewer B0107 (PDF)
  53. Indemnification B0003 (PDF)
  54. Intercommunity Business Licence B0081 (PDF)
  55. Intermunicipal Servicing B0019 (PDF)
  56. Lakeview Heights Phase 2 and 6 Sewer Area B0128 (PDF)
  57. Lakeview Heights Phase 7 Boucherie Road North B0133 (PDF)
  58. Land Resale Reserve Fund B0217
  59. Land Use Contract Discharge 149 Sagebrush B0117 (PDF)
  60. Land Use Contract Discharge Sundance Drive B0121 (PDF)
  61. Land Use Contract Discharge 2469 Alexandria Way B0129 (PDF)
  62. Land Use Contract Discharge B0136 (PDF)
  63. Land Use Contract Discharge, 3099 Shannon Lake Road B0143 (PDF)
  64. Land Use Contract Discharge 28901 Shannon Lake Road B0144 (PDF)
  65. Land Use Contract Discharge B0149 (PDF)
  66. Land Use Contract Amendment B0168 (PDF)
  67. Land Use Contract Discharge Sunset Place B0177 (PDF)
  68. Land Use Discharge, 773 Lindsay Court, B0194
  69. LAS Ranch Road Sewer Area B0089 (PDF)
  70. McGinnis Road Sewer Area Phase 5 (Consolidated) B0111 (PDF)
  71. Mission Hill Phased Development B0112 (PDF)
  72. Mt. Boucherie Community Hall Reserve Fund B0022 (PDF)
  73. Municipal Facilites Reserve Fund B0208
  74. Municipal Ticket Information Utilization (Consolidated) B0095 (PDF)
  75. Noxious Insect Control Bylaw, B0167 (PDF)
  76. Parcel Tax Sterile Insect Release Program B0170 (PDF)
  77. Parkland Acquisiton Reserve Fund B0216
  78. Parks and Public Space (Consolidated) B0184
  79. Parks DCC Reserve Fund B0214
  80. Parks Development Cost Charge B0097 (PDF)
  1. Pineridge Place Sewer Area B0102 (PDF)
  2. Policing Reserve Fund B0199
  3. Prescribe Interest Calculations for Latecomer Agreement Charges B0145 (PDF)
  4. Property Acquisition Reserve Fund B0209
  5. Property Tax and Utilities Payment Plan Consolidated B0021 (PDF)
  6. Property Tax Exemption 2008 B0009 (PDF)
  7. Property Tax Exemption 2010 B0113 (PDF)
  8. Property Tax Exemption 2011 B0132 (PDF)
  9. Property Tax Exemptions 2012 B0147 (PDF)
  10. Property Tax Exemptions 2013 B0165 (PDF)
  11. Property Tax Exemptions 2014 B0176
  12. Property Tax Exemptions 2015 B0191
  13. Property Tax Exemptions 2016 B0233
  14. Records Management Program B0123
  15. Recreation Reserve Fund B0210
  16. Revenue Anticipation Borrowing B0010 (PDF)
  17. Revenue Anticipating Borrowing B0197
  18. Revenue Anticipating Borrowing B0180
  19. Road Closure and Dedication Removal (Portion of Asquith Road) B0130 (PDF)
  20. Road Closure and Disposal, Crestview B0174 (PDF)
  21. Road Closure Casa Rio Drive B0012 (PDF)
  22. Road Closure May Street B0020 (PDF)
  23. Road Closure 1837 Olympus Way B0189
  24. Road Closure Shannon Lake Road B0134 (PDF)
  25. Road Closure Smith Creek Road B0141 (PDF)
  26. Roads DCC Reserve Fund B0212
  27. Road Local Service Area B0169 (PDF)
  28. Roads Development Cost Charge Amendment B0018 0018.01 (Consolidated) (PDF)
  29. Road Maintenance and Snow Clearing Reserve Fund B0200
  30. Safe Premises B0073 (PDF)
  31. Sanitary Sewer Use B0072 (PDF)
  32. Sewer Capital Reserve Fund B0204
  33. Sewer Parcel Applegreen B0230
  34. Sewer Parcel Boucherie B0228
  35. Sewer Parcel - Dunbarton B0226
  36. Sewer Parcel - Gates Rd B0224
  37. Sewer Parcel Glenrosa B0229
  38. Sewer Parcel Hayman B0227
  39. Sewer Parcel - Hudson Rd B0223
  40. Sewer Parcel - McGinnis Rd B0225
  41. Sewer Parcel - Pineridge Pl B0222
  42. Sewer Parcel - Ranch Road-Country Pines B0221
  43. Sewer RDCO No. 1171 (PDF)
  44. Sign Bylaw B0183
  45. SIR Parcel Tax 2016 B0218
  46. SIR Parcel Tax 2017 B0242
  47. Sterile Insect Release Parcel Tax 2010 B0106 (PDF)
  48. Soil Removal and Deposit Bylaw B0127 (PDF)
  49. Solid Waste Management 2009 B0065 (PDF)
  50. Solid Waste and Recycling Parcel Tax 2016 B0219
  51. Solid Waste and Recycling Parcel Tax 2017 B0241
  52. Sterile Insect Release Parcel Tax 2011 B0126 (PDF)
  53. Sterile Insect Release Parcel Tax 2012 (Consolidated) B0140 (PDF)
  54. Sterile Insect Release Parcel Tax 2015 B0185 (PDF)
  55. Storm Drainage Reserve Fund B0211
  56. Tax Rates 2009 B0084 (PDF)
  57. Tax Rates 2010 B0103 (PDF)
  58. Tax Rates 2011 B0124 (PDF)
  59. Tax Rates 2012 B0138 (PDF)
  60. Tax Rates 2013 B0153 (PDF)
  61. Tax Rates 2014 B0172 (PDF)
  62. Tax Rates 2015 B0187 (PDF)
  63. Tax Rate Bylaw 2016 B0232
  64. Tax Rate Bylaw 2017 B0243
  65. Temporary Borrowing B0085 (PDF)
  66. Traffic Bylaw B0092 (PDF)
  67. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2011 B0125 (PDF)
  68. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2010 B0110 (PDF)
  69. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2014 B0173 (PDF)
  70. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2015 B0186
  71. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2016 B0220
  72. Transfer Station Parcel Tax 2017 B0240
  73. Vacant and Abandoned Buildings Bylaw B0192
  74. Water Capital Reserve Fund B0205
  75. Water DCC Reserve Fund B0215
  76. Water Systems RDCO No. 1108 (PDF)
  77. Water Use Regulations Bylaw, B0188
  78. Westbank Cemetery Bylaw (Consolidated), B0166 (PDF)
  79. Westbank Centre DCC Charges Reduction B0179
  80. Works and Services Bylaw, B0120 (PDF)