Business Licences



Two amendments to the Business Licensing and Regulations Bylaw No. 0087 are being considered by City of West Kelowna Council, which will:

1)   require every registered Society conducting a business incidental to its societal or charitable objectives within the City of West Kelowna, to obtain and hold a valid Business Licence;

2)   enable a License Inspector to establish terms and conditions related to safety, security and public health; the protection of minors (including conditions regarding signage and patron identification); the prevention of nuisances including noise, odours (air filtration, ventilation) and patron misconduct on or about the premises; and any other requirements that may be necessary to ensure that the licensed business does not have a negative impact on the public, neighbourhood or other businesses in the vicinity of the premises. 

Council will provide an opportunity for persons who consider they are affected by the proposed bylaws to make representations to Council at the regular Council meeting, to be held at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday June 13, 2017, at the City of West Kelowna Council Chambers, 2760 Cameron Road, West Kelowna, BC.

To obtain additional information on the proposed amendment, go to May 9, 2017 Report - Zoning Bylaw Amendment and May 9, 2017 - Business Licensing Bylaw Amendment

Applying for a Licence

The operation of any business activity within the City of West Kelowna requires a Business Licence. The licensing fees are identified on page 22 of the Fees and Charges Bylaw B0028.

The annual fee is due January 31 or will be subject to a late fee of $25.

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To learn more about business licence procedures in the City of West Kelowna, please view our brochure.

Business Licence Fee Structure

The City of West Kelowna has a four-tier Business Licence Fee structure:

  • Tier 1 - Basic = $60 per year
  • Tier 2 - Basic + fire Inspection = $135 per year
  • Tier 3 - Basic + fire Inspection + policing = $360 per year
  • Tier 4 - Inter-municipal = $150 (set by province)

Business Licences by Type

For more information on business licences by type, please select from the following:

Inter-Community Business Licence

If your business operates in more than one municipality, you may be eligible to purchase an Inter Community Business Licence. This licence is available for an annual fee of $150 on top of the yearly municipal licence fee. If one applies for the licence after August 1, the fee is then reduced to $75 for the remainder of the year.